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Lisa Karlin Curtis

Product Engineer,

I started out as a consultant working with HMRC and then smart meters, before accidentally becoming a developer. I cut my teeth as an IC and then Tech Lead at GoCardless, and then couldn’t say no to the chance to join as employee #2.

At, we build tooling to help teams manage incidents better. My role is very much a product engineering one (we have no dedicated product managers yet), so I spend lots of time thinking about how to build products that will help level up an organisation’s incident response. We talk a lot about building the right cultural defaults, viewing our role as a tool to help drive a successful incident culture.

Many of our early adopters are SRE or Platform teams, who often have the most advanced incident processes in the organisation already. They’re also often the teams who are under the microscope when things go wrong. I’ve spoken to many customers about the culture they are trying to create, and the ways in which they try to achieve that.

As a platform team, your impact is only as good as your relationships with other teams. When those break down (and I’ve seen examples of this myself) it becomes really challenging to rebuild trust and deliver value. Transparency is one of the most impactful tools to combat these challenges, and I think many teams would benefit from this perspective.


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