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June 10th

How to build a successful Platform Engineering team

They say there's no such thing as a talent shortage, but building a great platform engineering team remains no easy feat.  This talk will share lessons learned from firsthand experience, to help you scale your platform teams, and even help you think out of the box with your potential candidates.

When companies start to scale, one of the core pieces of ensuring business continuity is the SLA of the infrastructure your applications are running on.  When you're scaling a company from the ground up, many times one of the greatest challenges is actually learning to grow your teams, in a very competitive hiring landscape, where there is a consistent talent shortage.

In this talk Eran will share his experience from building successful platform engineering teams over the last decade at a number of unicorns and global companies, across multiple time zones.  How he identified the right candidates, and sometimes candidates that were seemingly not the right fit, but delivered immense value. Eran will dive into some of the common misconceptions and confusion around platform engineering vs. SRE, how to delegate roles and responsibilities that map to the right skill set, as well as how to measure success by defining the correct KPIs for your team.

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