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June 9th

Stop sacrificing speed for infrastructure planning

"I need standardized environment-as-a-service solution!" said no one, ever. At the team level, the CI is working, there aren't any infrastructure-related fires.

In average, application environments change every 10-20 deployment. Who manages the application infra changes? Typically, app infra definitions aren't written by devs, but rather a senior developer, architect, or devops. Sounds like the beginning of ownership is "THAT team over the fence". Waiting for an updated environment, devs are either blocked or developing in hope their changes won't be dependent on the new architecture.

Or, have you ever heard “The architecture can’t support X business need”?

In this session, Amir Rozenberg, will discuss and demo the following:

  • Few real world pains related to an unstructured approach to application infra
  • Finding the balance that satisfies both devops to support devs’ velocity and infra needs
  • Enabling devops predictability to application infra cost, governance and forward plans, not sacrificing collaboration.

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