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June 9th

Scaling the truth, is legacy Kubernetes workloads a thing?

Software is a product of the aggregate of decisions of past and present which directly impacts its future. Choosing an ecosystem like Kubernetes directly impacts your internal customers and the platforms that must be in place to support the workloads. Though Kubernetes is not immune from the human element; being 8 years old is similar to running a VM based workload in 2011.

As engineers change teams or organizations, intrinsic knowledge about the applications can disappear. More so, there might not be active development on Kubernetes workloads at some point. A duality of simplifying on and offboarding of Kubernetes applications and the ability to understand what is running and also validate what is running against policies are key.

In this session, learn about:

  • Designing for when folks eventually leave.
  • How to validate the “truth” over workloads that the authors might not even be around to explain.
  • Ketch, an Open Source project looking to address Kubernetes developer complexities.

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