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Platform Design
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June 10th

Unifying the Netflix engineering experience with a federated platform console

The Platform Experiences and Design (PXD) team at Netflix is building out a platform console to unify the engineering experience in a single user-facing tool. They are starting with a connected experience that links together many disparate tools, allowing us to compose workflows for our users to manage applications both individually and in bulk.  By taking a federated approach across the API (using GraphQL), the UI (using Backstage), and design (using Figma and Hawkins, the internal design system), they seek to orchestrate the platform experience, enabling domain expert partners to provide the rich features for the console users. In this session attendees will learn:

  • How to design and build a platform console using federation to enable provider partners across the UI, API, and design
  • How to approach a solution applying build vs buy diligence
  • What to expect and be ready for when engaging your platforms teams to deliver a consolidated console

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