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June 9th

Befriending the cloud: remote debugging and data containers

At Kubecon 2021 (North America), Razorpay presented its open source solution around improving developer productivity. This session builds on the above and will shed light on extending a pure Kubernetes native development environment with remote debugging capabilities, data capsules and smart scaling.

We primarily discuss working with native Kubernetes deployments around setting up remote debugging capabilities and debugging services right over any IDE (right from their desktops). 

We further extend on how to do the same via technologies like gitpod, thereby reducing the need to even have a native IDE installed.

Another set of problems that most applications require is ephemeral databases which is solved through “data capsules” which provides helm native mechanisms to clone, provision databases from pre existing databases in an ephemeral fashion, all in a secure and compliant manner.

Finally shed light on using KEDA,Traefik,Prometheus for enabling request based scaling for services running via devstack optimizing the overall cost of the platform.

We hopefully believe engineers who are trying to build and deploy their applications on Kubernetes will immensely benefit with a full stack developer environment in a native gitops way of solving the problem. 

The discussion will help understand the solutions implemented to have developer isolation and the ability to run their workflows easily with having their service fleets running their cloud based applications connected with their local system.

All in all, this should improve iterations, debugging time and build time in a seamless and effective fashion.

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