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June 9th

Do NOT click-ops your data infrastructure

Are you terraforming or click-opsing your data infrastructure? From spinning up virtual machines to managing application infrastructure across cloud regions, infrastructure-as-code tools have been widely used and adopted. Are you treating your data infrastructure in a similar way or still using complex scripts to create and manage your data infrastructure?

Terraform, an open-source infrastructure as code tool by HashiCorp, can be used to provision data infrastructure across multiple clouds. In this talk, I will discuss the need for an infrastructure-as-code approach for databases and streaming platforms. A large portion of the talk will consist of a demo that walks the audience through creating multiple data services using Terraform for a real use case. The demo will show the benefits of using such a tool over creating these services manually.

By attending the talk, the audience will understand the benefits of codifying the data infrastructure and walk away with the resources to be able to try Terraform out for their own data infrastructure.

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