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June 9th

Using open-source software to secure cloud-native applications

Cloud-Native microservices applications bring immense advantages for many software application needs, but they also bring their own security challenges. Ephemeral workloads appear and disappear, workload network addressing is transient, and traditional firewalls can't police the data path effectively.

Open-source orchestration tools such as Kubernetes define a "NetworkPolicy" application-centric construct but they do not implement it; In this session we'll learn how, with a change of tools and mindset, open-source software can help to implement security for cloud-native applications whilst still allowing the user to benefit from all the advantages.

Security stored declaratively alongside the application, tested as part of the build pipeline, all with a shift-left paradigm in mind to ensure that everyone development agility is not restricted but mistakes can't get far.

We'll put it all together and briefly showcase a zero-trust Kubernetes network environment, too!

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