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June 10th

Swapping the wheels of a running car - migrate from Amazon VPC CNI to Cilium in Kubernetes

In this talk Federico Hernandez and Simone Sciarrati will dive into how they performed the migration of the networking component for Meltwater’s production Kubernetes clusters - from the AWS VPC CNI plugin to Cilium.

Their team develops a platform on top of Kubernetes that serves 40+ teams, running 3000+ deployments and 10000+ pods utilising more than 8000 cores and 18TB memory, powering a large part of the Meltwater product.

During this presentation Federico and Simone will:

  • discuss the reasons behind the decision to migrate to Cilium
  • go into the details of the live migration, the challenges we faced before, during and after (yes, not everything went A-OK)
  • talk about the tooling they created to test the migration process and ensure the migration would be seamless

Federico and Simone be delighted to answer any question in the Q&A/AMA sessions.

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