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June 9th

Platform as code: code scaffolding in dynamic environments

One of the biggest challenges in platform engineering is to achieve standardization with an Internal Developer Platform and get acceptance of your development teams at the same time. Especially if you want to be able to provide dynamic environment creation, a standardized way of setting up application and infrastructure configuration is crucial.

By utilizing Github repository templates and the Humanitec Platform Orchestrator you will be able to ensure standards in your development process, achieve acceptance from your developers by providing fast and efficient automation as well as the possibility to set up dynamic environments.

A repository template consists not only of code, it also contains the initial configuration, a list of dependencies as well as the definition of the CI pipeline. This is all you need to turn the code into a running version of a service, fully automated in any environment.

Code scaffolds like this enable the development team to follow predefined standards as well as increase the development speed when creating a new service.

With the Humanitec Platform Orchestrator in the mix it is possible to achieve this fully environment agnostic as all environment specific resources are defined in the dynamic configuration within Humanitec.

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