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June 9th

A one woman show of migrating an entire R&D SCM from Bitbucket to Gitlab

Writing code is something that we learned. Managing a project E2E - Probably not that much.

In this talk, I’ll share my journey of migrating the entire R&D’s codebase from BitBucket to GitLab on my own, but with the great help of people along the way.

I’ll share best practices for managing a technical project with a lot of takeaways you could adopt so your project will be handled smoothly and successfully. 

I will cover:

  • Planning phase - What to think about, things to consider, foresee bottlenecks and tackle them upfront, deadlines, etc.
  • Implementation overview along with needed considerations.
  • A project is a project and should be treated as such - How and when to update on blockers and status.
  • Documentation & handoff - What should be covered that’ll help the DevOps team maintain it.
  • Training for R&D department.

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