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June 10th

How we built self-service tooling at GetFeedback by SurveyMonkey

As a product with Microservices and the team scales, many challenges come to the surface, to name a few:

  • Data pipelines that can be used by any service;
  • Tracking and enriching data between services;
  • Keeping all services up-to-date, both external and internal dependencies and practices;
  • Introducing new services with minimal friction and isolation by default to keep the architecture sane;

In order to automate and provide the self-service capability for many of those, the platform team has to dive into the deepest levels of the architecture and its guarantees, how do we avoid teams having to re-design distributed transactions, messages schemas, logging, tracing, auditing, and many other important characteristics of a highly functional and expandable architecture?

Come hear how we tackled those at GetFeedback (by SurveyMonkey) and the lessons learned during this process.

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