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June 10th

From startup to enterprise grade: a cloud migration journey

When startups go public it can be a transformational moment for the business, but what about the technology platform? At Doma we were faced with the huge challenge of migrating a startup culture to the cloud and bringing the company with us through a fundamental transformation.

Moving our fleet out of a high-level PaaS experience from Heroku, over to Azure Kubernetes was a massive undertaking across our organization. With this move we not only set ourselves up to scale our platform in ways we couldn’t do before, but we also learned a lot about the nature of our applications and the assumptions that underlay them.

As technology architecture shifts, so does the engineering culture. But how can a platform team affect cultural change without alienating the rest of engineering?

In this talk we will share how we achieved this transformation, how we avoided disaster, the lessons we learned along the way, and what valuable insights this gave us.

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