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June 10th

Zero to hero - managing cloud state with Terraform

Superawesome is building a safer internet for the next generation. We are a company of multiple products such as ads-platform for reachout to U-16. 
Our first attempt to ease configuration management ended up as a failure as we tried to enable teams managing their resources with a semi simplified version of Terraform.
We had our own abstraction layer that supported a subset of settings we used at that time with prebuilt opinionated configurations. After learning all of the painpoints we have decided to pivot into properly managing our cloud state with vanilla Terraform and Terrform Enterprise.
In this talk I will share: 

  • The problems we had with state management 
  • Our initial solution and goals 
  • What went wrong and how we got it right next time around 

Will dive into the technology side and overall solutions we used for both iterations and how we measured success.

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