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June 10th

How to not burn $7B on your platform

A digital platform built for the industrial internet. GE needed a solution for its own massive infrastructure and product portfolio, but so did every industrial organization on earth, and nobody was filling the gap. So they built their platform called Predix. It was a massive opportunity, but it turned into a nightmare that nearly sunk the 130 year old global powerhouse. 

From the outset, it seemed GE did everything right. They committed to a ton of spending, executive support, a compelling vision, a lean approach, Silicon Valley culture, and learning from their own needs.

In 2016, GE predicted $15 billion in software sales by 2020, with half of that revenue expected from Predix. By 2020, GE Digital revenue was just $1 billion.

How did it all go wrong?

More importantly, how do you avoid your own platform disaster?

Learn the patterns and antipatterns from the best of the worst.

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