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June 9th

A recipe for building disruptive platforms while rewriting legacy applications

Transforming into an engineering company requires disruptive lighthouses to show the impact on the organisation: 

A recipe for a successful lighthouse consists of the symbiosis: Technology, Cultural and Organisation and Business.

Sample key ingredients for Culture & Organization are: Team considerations such as team purpose (projects vs. products), team types (apps vs. platforms vs. enablement), team contracts (psychological safety, default to open), cloud governance model and overall principles (stay lean, customer first, value driven, think big, easy to use, fast decision making).

Sample key ingredients for Technology are: Platform architecture best practices, modernisation principles as well as  Google software engineering principles linking technology, business and culture considering overall guardrails, clear prioritization, technical debt trade offs and quantitative quality requirements.

Sample key ingredients for Business are: Hypothesis driven MVPs, Test hypothesis fast with a MVP: Build, measure, learn; build actionable metrics based on user and business dimension.

Keep essence in mind: Start small with everything. Consider trade offs without losing the 10x vision. Do not fall into the concordia bias.

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