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June 9th

Available, affordable, attractive: enabling platform adoption

This talk is focusing on the problem of adoption: what we at SuperAwesome have tried so far, what worked well, what did not work and what we did to overcome those challenges.

Just like with any other product, when building an internal platform some of the most important questions you’ve got to answer are:

  • How do we build a platform that will be compelling for the stream-aligned teams? 
  • How do we make sure our platform is covering enough use cases to help most people? 
  • How can we make it “affordable” in terms of cognitive load, that is easy to use?

We will showcase the tools we have adapted and developed in this process like RFCs for all roadmap items, user communication channels and templates, training and feedback collection forms and meetings.

All the tools will be shared at the end of the presentation as well.

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